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The Brand

The Brand

The grandchildren established L.W.T.F Clothing in 2010. The brand was established to bring a touch of Madiba Magic to clothing industries all across the globe. L.W.T.F Clothingprovides comfortable but still affordable apparel for the discerning consumer. The brand represents the aspiration of those in the global community striving to not only be better, but to do better. L.W.T.F Clothing speaks to the next generation, re-enforcing the role that Madiba played in South Africa and inspiring the next generation in a positive and empowering way to take action. The Mandela Brand is a credible brand that people have come to trust across the globe and therefore wish to be associated with. If only to feel a small part of that Madiba Magic! Mandela has spent so much of his life crafting his public persona which has made him the icon he is.

We believe Long Walk to Freedom Clothing has to offer is based on an iconic, cross-cultured concept of one man, bold and strong giving up 67 years of his life to the struggle and liberation of his country. To have a Voice in the contemporary culture through the authenticity of his nature and virtue, which is the very nature we try and convey in our own brand and the apparel we offer. We are passionate about our products and we would like you to be proud to wear them. Making everyday a Mandela Day…